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 Just a sampling of the testimonials for We Did It For You!


“The performance was so outstanding and moving that I got goose bumps and cried." - Lilly Ledbetter, Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the first act of legislation signed by President Obama The lessons learned here apply to both genders and all ages and can be applied to contemporary issues, making them as relevant today as they were 100 or more years ago. - Mitzi March Mogul, Vice President, Heritage Square Museum "Playwright Thea Iberall offers a multi century parade of feminine genius and courage... and does it with humor and fun.   Your daughters must see this but, the men in your family will enjoy it too.” - Paul Williams, Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe Winning Songwriter
 “I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.”  – Laurie Dennen, Secretary, AAUW California “This is a program all young women must see. Wonderful journey for all! I learn something new every time I see this show.” – Jan Cook, AAUW Tech Trek Coordinator  "Never has my heart been touched so deeply by a production. I urge you to run, don't walk, to see this magnificent performance!" - Dr. Paula Fellingham, CEO, Women's Information Network (WIN)
"The blending of serious issues with quality entertainment is really difficult to accomplish.  This play did that and more – it left us with a memorable artistic experience as well as a renewed commitment borne out of knowledge and understanding." - Dr. Sam Crowell, UC San Bernardino   “You and your group was phenomenal - I enjoy the play each time I see it - and it was a perfect fit for the centennial” - Dr. Kimberly Salter, Co-Chair, California Women Suffrage Centennial “The play is one of the most entertaining and interesting re-enactments of the history of women I have seen to date. It is so well put together that it easily captures the interests of all age groups-especially our younger generation ...who need to know where we have been in order to see the potential of where we can go when we work together!” - Amy Lance, California State University, Chico