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Play-reading Workshop for We Did It for You!

Here is a creative, innovative, and experiential program for your organization or classroom. Ideal for study groups and college history courses in feminist studies. Works well at conventions and conferences as well. Engage your members or students by doing a play reading of We Did It For You! This is a great way to put on the play but not deal with the time and expense to learn the whole thing and stage it. Participants will receive a workbook to help them continue their growth in cultural awareness after the workshop.Play-reading workshop

In a 3-hour intense workshop, you and your colleagues will:

  • Delve into the script without the effort, trouble and expense of memorization and staging
  • Choose which era you would like to be from (there are 22 characters)
  • Learn first-hand what these amazing women in history went through to fight for our rights
  • Be able to hear what they said, read what they wrote and learn how they stood up for change
  • Have fun singing along to the songs

You’ll come away from the experience uplifted, more educated about women’s contributions, and with a greater appreciation of the precious rights we have and a keener awareness of how easily we can lose them. This history is affecting our lives today -- and the decisions our politicians are making for us. Participants receive a workbook which includes a timeline of women's history plus thought-provoking topics for journaling on after the workshop.


“This is a fabulous program. The active participation of everyone in the reading was not only fun but gave a wonderful group spirit to the event.”


"I'm so glad that you taught us this play in Massachusetts!"


Staged Reading of We Did It for You!

After digging into the characters, participants from the play-reading workshop can put on a staged reading for other members of the organization. Complete with slide presentation to tell audience who the characters are plus all the music of the produced show. Characters even get some simple costuming elements.


  “Highly educational in the most entertaining and fun format.”
  “I am so glad I had this experience!”



We Did It For You! as a Conference WorkshopNOW convention 2012

Play-reading workshops of We Did It For You! works well in the conference format. The one hour to ninety minute version of the workshop is an intense learning experience where participants get to read the script and discuss how current cultural assumptions continue to hold women down. The conference workshop has been given at national conferences including the 2012 National Organization for Women in Baltimore, MD and the 2012 AAUW National Conference of Collegiate Women Student Leaders, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.