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 Just a sampling of the testimonials for We Did It For You!


“The performance was so outstanding and moving that I got goose bumps and cried." - Lilly Ledbetter, Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the first act of legislation signed by President Obama The lessons learned here apply to both genders and all ages and can be applied to contemporary issues, making them as relevant today as they were 100 or more years ago. - Mitzi March Mogul, Vice President, Heritage Square Museum "Playwright Thea Iberall offers a multi century parade of feminine genius and courage... and does it with humor and fun.   Your daughters must see this but, the men in your family will enjoy it too.” - Paul Williams, Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe Winning Songwriter
 “I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.”  – Laurie Dennen, Secretary, AAUW California “This is a program all young women must see. Wonderful journey for all! I learn something new every time I see this show.” – Jan Cook, AAUW Tech Trek Coordinator  "Never has my heart been touched so deeply by a production. I urge you to run, don't walk, to see this magnificent performance!" - Dr. Paula Fellingham, CEO, Women's Information Network (WIN)
"The blending of serious issues with quality entertainment is really difficult to accomplish.  This play did that and more – it left us with a memorable artistic experience as well as a renewed commitment borne out of knowledge and understanding." - Dr. Sam Crowell, UC San Bernardino   “You and your group was phenomenal - I enjoy the play each time I see it - and it was a perfect fit for the centennial” - Dr. Kimberly Salter, Co-Chair, California Women Suffrage Centennial “The play is one of the most entertaining and interesting re-enactments of the history of women I have seen to date. It is so well put together that it easily captures the interests of all age groups-especially our younger generation ...who need to know where we have been in order to see the potential of where we can go when we work together!” - Amy Lance, California State University, Chico


“The performance was so outstanding and moving that I got goose bumps and cried. A performance in which each historical figure describes her own trials and accomplishments is so much better than just reading about the woman in a book.” - Lilly Ledbetter, Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the first act of legislation signed by President Obama

"There is a sense of wonderment, gratitude and deep humility awaiting the audiences of "We Did it For You".    An astonishing revelation of women's often unrecognized accomplishments throughout history, I found myself wondering why someone hadn't dramatized these triumphs before.  Beyond the well known heroines like Madame Curie, Margaret Sanger or Amelia Erhart, playwright Thea Iberall offers a multi century parade of feminine genius and courage ..   and does it with humor and fun.   Your daughters must see this but, the men in your family will enjoy it too.” -- Paul Williams, Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe Winning Songwriter

"It is with sincere delight that I pay tribute to the performers of the theater piece, We Did It For You! The key thing about the play in addition to it being written by women, about women and performed by women and is funny and moving and that like women in real life, it comes from the heart."- CeCe Sloan, President, UN Women-USNC SoCal Chapter

“I was one of the exuberant women who viewed your production at AAUW-CA convention in Irvine last weekend.  I would love to find out what the rights of the show would be to produce it in the Bay area.  I am also VP-Programs Director for AAUW-CA and I would like to encourage other branches to do the same.”  – Cathy Foxhoven AAUW-CA Program Director

“What a magnificent way to bring the empowering lives of these amazing women to the wider public.  Thea and everyone involved should be very proud of their work as it is so enlightening for those of us who need reminding how far women have come since those terrible days of disenfranchisement and subservience.  I just pray that you get a huge audience for this work as it deserves to be seen around the world.”-  Mark Shelmerdine, Television Producer

“You and your group was phenomenal - I enjoy the play each time I see it - and it was a perfect fit for the centennial” -- Dr. Kimberly Salter, Co-Chair, California Women Suffrage Centennial

“The National Training Center and Fort Irwin recently celebrated our Women’s History Month Celebration.  We invited “We Did It For You,” a traveling ensemble who put on quite a performance for a nearly 350 member audience of Department of the Army Civilians, Military, and Family members.  The group portrayed the journey through early stages of women’s history and their struggle for equal rights through song and laughter, and a very strong message about what they suffered to provide us with the freedoms we have today.  The educational message was powerful and poignant, increasing our awareness and overall knowledge of our history.  If you have this troupe coming your way, put on your seat-belt for a rollercoaster ride you won’t soon forget.  Thank you for an outstanding performance… many, many thanks.” - John E. Winkfield, Director Equal Employment Opportunity, US Army

“All the girls said they were intimidated at first but quickly made friends and found the experience immensely rewarding. They were impressed with a stage presentation called "We Did it for You." It highlighted the struggles of the women's movement in the United States. None of the students had studied or even heard about the women's suffrage movement. Emma (Emma Bunim from Marco Forster, AAUW middle-school scholarship recipient) said it humbled them to learn how women before them worked and sacrificed so they could have this opportunity.” OC Register, September 28, 2012

"This program is not only important for women, it is important that ALL citizens see it, so that they gain understanding, insight, and appreciation for the role of the individual in effecting positive change. The lessons learned here apply to both genders and all ages and can be applied to contemporary issues, making them as relevant today as they were 100 or more years ago. A stirring, inspiring, patriotic and thoroughly delightful experience!"- Mitzi March Mogul, Vice President, Heritage Square Museum

“It was a great success and thank you for your willingness to work outside your comfort zone. 
I truly believe that the more the intimate venue, the more successful the experience for the audience and the cast members. The reviews of this performance were outstanding and several of the women were moved to tears.  It was very powerful. Thank you for a great event.”
Dr. Wanda Clifton, AAUW Laguna Hills branch president

 “Congratulations!!! This warms my heart to see that the soldiers and their wives both enjoyed and were educated via your play. That is what I am hoping AAUW will "Programs in a Box" for MEN to learn why it is so important to treat women equally as in the $tart $mart and Elect Her programs we now prepare for women!”Barbara Brugo, AAUW-MA president

"I've directed or performed in numerous stage productions for over 40 years, and never has my heart been touched so deeply by a production as it was by "We Did It For You." This heartwarming play takes audiences on a profound emotional journey that results in a deepened awareness of, and appreciation for, women in history upon whose shoulders we stand today. How grateful we should be for the significant sacrifices made by amazing women who "did it for us."  I urge you to run, don't walk, to see this magnificent performance!” Dr. Paula Fellingham, Founder and CEO of the Women's Information Network (WIN) and

“I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.”Laurie Dennen, Secretary, AAUW California.

“Thank you, again, for your wonderful performance and for your amazing work.” Molly Murphy MacGregor, Executive Director and Cofounder, National Women's History Project

“While the musical provided a wealth of information, it was also entertaining with its clever dialogue and comedic elements. With catchy musical numbers, a dash of comic relief, and a huge history lesson on feminism, “We Did It For You!” received immensely positive reception from the Medfield audience. Iberall’s dream of taking the musical around the nation will certainly become a reality with the same motivation that previous generations of women brought to the issue of gender equality.”Hometown Weekly, August, 2017

“I thought the play was beautifully done... Lots of historical perspective linking together things I remember and things I don't. Characters felt real, pacing was just right, music well done. The story line of bringing a young girl up to date on women's history worked well. Very nice casting... I do hope you will perform it again.”Susan Hotchkiss, Music Director, First Unitarian Universalist Society of Middleboro, MA.

“Great and inspirational performance last night.” – David Temple, FPUU

“A very powerful play. It gives me hope - even as we face the daily grind of prejudice and injustice.” - Rev. Jim Robinson, Minister at Unitarian Church of Sharon, MA

“I really enjoyed the play. I felt it was very "accessible", not too preachy, not so dense in detail that the point was lost, captivating--- the screens going and change of characters. I liked the perspective of the young woman narrator- how much she did not know, and how surprised she was at the facts. I liked the music. I thought it was very well cast.” - Andrea Preist, Coordinator, Circle of Music Summer Conferences, Ferry Beach, ME; Executive Director, Town of Middleborough Council on Aging

“This performance presents a wealth of information on a subject too few of us know enough about.  Through a series of monologues interspersed with music, we met characters in women's history who have been too often overlooked or underrated.  The young girl who is onstage the entire time, frequently commenting on what she is learning with a humorous teenage mindset, is delightful.  All of the performances are informative; some are superb! The singing and music composition was excellent -  I only wish there had been more of it!” -- Heidi Lyne

“My wife and I saw We Did It For You and enjoyed it immensely! You took us on a fast-paced time-travel through the women’s march to equality in America. It was edifying and entertaining to hear the actors tell the stories of their characters (Alice Paul, Susan B. Anthony, Betty Friedan, et al.) to a young girl who takes for granted the freedom that became her birthright. We Did It For You should be part of the middle school curriculum. I believe it would inspire girls to become the women of their dreams.” - Ken Sateriale

“What an energizing experience to be in the presence of all those inspirational women at the performance yesterday! My 5th grade son and husband were equally affected which made me happy as sometimes women are left wondering if men comprehend the hurdles we’ve overcome.”Becky King

“It was touching, powerful. Got tears in my eyes.”Vanessa Pendexter

“We loved every moment! What uncanny timing you wrote this—there is so much happening.”Becky

"It was fabulous, I loved it. The pacing is perfect. The pictures tell the year you're in. The mashed up songs were magnificent, the two voices together were amazing. The show was exciting. The flow was snappy, no slow parts, no longer just waiting for the next person to speak. It was fun mixing the women from different eras. I learned so much -- I never had a sense before of how much hard work and sacrifice it took." – Norrie Robbins, San Diego State University

“No words of praise seem worthy after watching the performance of your show.  So I won’t seek them now but they will come…powerful, moving, poignant, entertaining, ‘must see,’ history made real, triumphal, wonderful.”   Charles Redner, publisher

“Sensational show. I so enjoyed your brilliant writing and production. It was entertaining and poignant. It also brought back such interesting memories. I was one of the early members of NOW and friends with one of the founders; Ivy Bottini. I had the first issue of MS magazine with the women on the cover with a hundred hands juggling so many obligations. When I read Betty Friedan's Feminine Mystique I sat on the couch shaking my head, "Yes", "Yes", I thought, I am not the only one with those feelings.  Although I had everything a woman could ever want with two children at that time, and a husband I was madly in love with and he with me and a lovely life, still there was this thing inside... At last with her book, I was not alone with the feeling that I wanted to talk about more than doody diapers and be out and contribute in the world though I absolutely loved being a mom. I felt such a sense of relief. I became a Women's Libber (though Red Fox once called me woman's lip) and I ran consciousness raising sessions. Those were fascinating and challenging times.”Jan Marshall, writer

“I saw this play today and I was very inspired. I am thinking about how we can get this seen by more people. It is very powerful. Bravo to the playwright Dr. Thea Iberall and the grand group of actresses!” – Wendy Puzarne, AAUW, San Clemente

 “Thea, your play was wonderful and a pleasure to watch - thanks so much!!!” – Rhett Yarnell

 “Lovely I really enjoy it” – Marie Calderon

“GREAT JOB LADIES! Can't wait til next year. ” – Judy Butler

"The ladies I perform with are remarkable.  They exhibit such talent and enthusiasm that mirrors the true spirit of the feminist movements.  Thea's own passion, humor, and expertise are visible throughout the play and audience members will love the genuine stories of courage, vision, and perseverance."  - Maryann Ziemba, 9th grade social studies teacher

“I loved the created a historical context on what it is to be a woman that most women don't know.”  – Michel Joy

“Congratulations on a successful First Run! ” – Alison Fleming

“The play was amazing! I laughed, I cried, and I sang along. Watching that play was a gift. I learned so much and really was awed by what women accomplished, against giant odds. Beautiful experience. ” – Patricia Griffiths

“Thank you AGAIN for a wonderful experience!! YOUR words got a standing ovation! I know this production will be an important work the whole world will benefit from! ” – BC Petrakos

“I watched the play both on Sun. for your dress rehearsal and on Sat. at the conference. I cried both times....I did not know any of the history of women that you told and was so amazed at the way you brought it all together.”  - Sue Bretl

“Younger women have no concept of how women have been treated as second class citizen. One of these days we will ALL be free to live our lives the way we want to. ” – Jo Hallmark

"Great play Thea! Very powerful! I loved it: well-constructed, funny, great music, great choreography; never a dull moment. And it hit me on a visceral level, which was sustained throughout the performance. I'm talking all verklempt here! Bravos and bravas to all concerned! Broadway-bound..." – Ron Levy

“It was, of course, very informative. However, what I like best is that it's FUN and funny. It was just perfect!” – Dianna LaBonte

“It’s so phenomenal. The young student only knows about technology, but you see the aha moment. When kids watch this, they will see that they are not alone on the planet.” – Penni Rubin

“That was a wonderful treat.  Great story. All our daughters need to see it.” – Debra Barbre

“After seeing your production, I have been raving to anyone within earshot.” – Trish Heckhaus

“It was really great!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!” – Madge Levinson, actress

“It was a four Kleenex event even after seeing it three times. It was wonderful” Norrie Robbins

“Congratulations! It was spectacular! I’m not the only one who thought so” – Melanie Rubin

“IT WAS FABULOUS ! ! ! ! !”

“It was so worth the computer problems and aggravation to be able to view your production.  Since I lived through the 50's, 60's, 70's and so on, I remember the fight and the celebration of all the accomplishments of women's rights.  I have alerted my friends to view the play and celebrate International Women's Day.  Thea, you did an incredible job and the players were fabulous.  What beautiful voices!” Darryl Price


“That was WONDERFUL!!! I loved it! It was really great, really enjoyed it.” – Val O’Connor

“I watched it though teary eyes. Congratulations, it was wonderful.” - Mom

“I'm thrilled for you and the entire cast that you're having so much success with your production. You have all done an outstanding job and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it last week.” Nita

“So glad I went.”

“It went right to my heart.”


“We loved it” – Barbara Levine

“I’m so excited, I’m making you humentashen.”

“The play was a wonderful eye opener and I truly enjoyed hearing the comments from the young ladies around me. They were saying how the content was so amazing and how they never heard the information in the play in any history class they have ever been in.” – Sandra Argumedo

“My friends and I enjoyed the evening very much.  Thea's play "We Did It for You" was very informative.  It gave a historical perspective to the women who played great parts in the women's movement in the USA.” – Maimee Zee


“That was good. It made me cry.” Lilly Ledbetter

“It was wonderful.  You are fantastic.  What a talent.  What a show!!! ” - Evelyn Suskind

“Congratulations on a most wonderful play.” – Arlene Detweiler

 “I must say I enjoyed We Did It For You. I agree that it should be mandatory viewing for all teenagers . It boost girls self esteem and tempers boys attitudes toward women that are oftentimes unconscious. Knowledge is power.”  – Jon Verwiel

“I am an 8th grade US history teacher at a charter school in San Bernardino. I am a huge fan of your performance and it left a strong impression on me“ – Bryan Raber

 “It was inspiring, made me feel like strong. I would really like to see it again and bring my grandchildren with me.” – Janet Taylor

“I thought it was a great play. You did a great job. Congratulations. Good luck.” – Ivy Taylor

“Loved it – inspiring. All young women must see this.” – Virginia Marks

“I like it very much a learned lot, realizing how little I know of my own legacy. I wish the men who helped us were given more credit.” – Joan Ross

“More wonderful the second time.” – Carol Charlton

“Excellent! -- Proud 53 year-old woman” – Anita Moore

“It’s about time we know what the struggles were.” – Theresa Van Etten

“I had no idea.” – Robert Van Etten

“Bravo! Superb! Bravo!” – Dana Bless

“This show is superb. It made me feel so proud to be a woman. I am 84 years old and could relate to some of the flashback material. God bless Thea for writing it. God bless the cast for a magnificent portrayal.” – Shirley Wolk

“Every young woman in America will benefit from seeing this production. A heartfelt reminder of how much women went through for us to have our freedom.” – Karen Trujillo-Heffernan

“Wonderful! Excellent! I loved the show and it brought back memories of how I and several other women fought for equality. We worked for Wonder Bread and NOW helped us but not enough. We had a lawsuit that went nowhere. Valerie Harper made a move about us.” – Geri Horton

“Thea, You are a fabulous brilliant playwright”!  Jan Marshall (playwright)

“So fabulous and inspiring.  Every young girl must see this.  It will educate them in a most entertaining way.  Thank you so much.” 

“Thank you”! Learned a lot!!” – Irv Snyder

“A great chronology that will motivate other females to push through obstacles and rise to leadership positions.  I am thankful my mom was a feminist.” – Jan Ernsbarger, teacher

“Fabulous great production.  Very meaningful and poignant.  Excellent acting and singing.  Bravo Thea! Good Luck on the road.” – Sonya Chastain

“Wow! I am speechless!  This should be a program for every school & women’s club” – Marlene Mitnick

“Great show!  Loved it!  Make a movie and reach many more.” – Terry Walowitz

“Excellent/very informative.  Put in schools- we need it.  Thank you!” – Kathy Cunningham

“One of the first women in California to obtain a property loan without a man’s name on the document says – this play made me laugh, made me cry and took me to the depths and heights of women’s suffrage.  Thank you.” – Shalla Callahan

“This is one of the best presentations on women’s rights ever!  I want to see it again!” – Sylvia Green

“Great job!  Good luck in sharing it with others.  Very worthwhile!” – Libby St. John

“I enjoyed the play very very much and had to fight back tears all through it.  Thank you all so very much.   God bless you” – Lavina Troolines

“Enjoyed very much.  Wish you luck in the future.”  T. Moore

“Delightful, educational, passionate & entertaining!!!” – Kirk Moore

“What a great play.  It should be made into a movie for all to see.  Yes, we are losing ground.  As a woman we need to be reminded to keep fighting.” – Darlene Maes

“I grew up in the 60’s and didn’t know hardly any of our history.  Thank you.  I would love volunteering in any way if/when you get to San Diego.” – Kim Kipnis

 “Great performance. Suggest to be at OC High School of the Arts or to be at the Nixon Library. It’s the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts in March. Good luck.” Maria T. Solis-Martinez, AAUW

“Good, informative program, very entertaining.” – Sara Otis, AAUW

“Great show! Add one additional modern person to the shorter show if you could.” – Chris Geier (male)

“Thank you so much for the play excerpt. I totally loved it. And wish it had been longer. I’m definitely going to look at your website.” – Brenda Konyak, AAUW

“Excellent.” – Sue Guilford, AAUW Santa-Ana, IBC Chair

“Great, fantastic, love to see the whole play.” – Sue Geier, AAUW Garden Grove

“Excellent production with an important message.” – Marlene Thorne, AAUW

“Just wonderful!” – Barbara Barker, AAUW

“This is a program all young women must see. Wonderful journey for all! I learn something new every time I see this show.” – Jan Cook, AAUW Victor Valley

“Great! Information beyond what I knew! Keep it up! This is so needed! Our young women need this!” – Bonnie Sharp, AAUW

“Very informative and very professional – would love to see it in its entirety.” – Betty Williams, AAUW-Orange

“Fantastic. Really enjoyed the performance. Hope the group can continue to perform many more months. Very educational.” -- Minni Loy, AAUW

“Marvelous history, well-presented, great costumes.” – Pat Jokela, AAUW

WoW-- this is great stuff- Congratulations, THEA!!! Best wishes for another fine year of performances for women! – Lucy Blake-Elahi

“Congratulations on the success of "We Did It For You."  When you first took this over, I thought that your vision was so ambitious and with such little backing, I wondered how in the world you would pull it off.  Well, I learned never to underestimate anything that you tackle.  You are incredible and I so admire you. Wishing you continued success in all that you do.” Arlene Ditwiler

 “BRAVO Thea!   You did it!  You really did it.   From what I read you have a huge success.  Take it to Broadway Thea”.   - Evelyn Suskin

“Fabulous Thea - I love what you are doing.” Linda Lundell

 “Congratulations..the performance and the show were superb and very meaningful thought  provoking.” – Ira Joss

“Really enjoyed learning about all of the struggles that other women went through just to be treated fairly. It also made us sad to see how badly they were treated.” Ursula Garret

“Exemplary, teachable, riveting, touching, informative, inspiring, incredible, moving, invigorating. I loved it!” LaChelle Franklin, AAUW, Victor Valley Branch

“Inspirational, you felt like they were the real women, got emotionally involved, you could feel their sorrow and grief – enjoyed their singing, you could visualize what they were through.” Bonnie Paul and Video Production Girls.

"Thank you so much for coming and being a part of our Women’s History Month celebration. Your participation was key to the amazing success of our calendar of events on campus, and we are most grateful for your contributions to that success. Your generosity with your time, energy and knowledge has enhanced and expanded conversations on campus among the students and faculty. The opportunity to participate in the play, We Did It For You!, has broadened students’ perspectives, and offered them a deeper understanding of the struggle that women have faced in gaining rights here in the United States. Not only did the play offer an educational opportunity, but engaged the audience by incorporating fun and interactive musical numbers. The students and faculty on campus were thoroughly entertained and walked out the door that evening not only with more knowledge, but singing songs from the play as well." - Dr. Renae Bredin, Women and Gender Studies, California State University, Fullerton

As a social studies teacher, it is my responsibility to provide young people with the tools and access to becoming civic minded and socially aware citizens of not just their town and state, but of the country and of the world.  While my own passion for women's history and activism for social equality is evident to my students and colleagues, the need to educate the masses on the roles women played (and continue to play) throughout American history, society, and politics is vital now more than ever. Thus, I was more than thrilled when Thea brought We Did It For You! (WDIFY) into my classroom. The kids were all able to perform their roles as they all had their own skit to read from and a costume item to add to their character. Students enjoyed getting up and acting out the scenes, aside from simply watching a documentary or listening to a lecture. The storyline allowed students to not only recognize the challenges and accomplishment of women over time, but also sparked historical empathy as many of the biographies were new to them. It was great to have Thea lead a discussion after the performance so students could share their reflections, reactions, and questions. It is vital, especially for teenagers, to question and evaluate the actions of those before us along with those presently among us. Gender inequality is not as visible nor lawful as it was during Susan B. Anthony's days, yet it still exists and students must see it for themselves in order to combat it. WDIFY honors only a handful of the remarkable feminists in history, yet the students are surprised and empowered by their stories, their strengths, and their legacies. In fact, for the rest of the school year, many of the characters that my students embodied for the play, resurfaced in our curriculum and they were able to say with enthusiasm, "Hey, I played her in the performance we did back in December."  Overall, WDIFY is an engaging and fun way for the students to learn about Women's History while tapping into their critical thinking, speaking, listening, and analytical thinking skills.  The play is an instructional gem. As a teacher, I'm grateful for this classroom activity and Thea's partnership. She had the amazing product and I had the subjects; allowing for a co-teaching approach as we learned from each other. Thea's post-production structured reflections allows for a strong formative assessment for me and constructive feedback for her. Plus this type of lesson activity opens up a variety of alternative assessments teachers can use to further the lesson. - Maryann Ziemba, social studies teacher, Millis High School


Testimonials from college and high school students:

“I thought the play was very informative and successfully presented historical events in a fun and entertaining form. I was aware of struggles that women have overcome to get where they are today but attending your play had opened my eyes and made me realize just how long women have had to fight for their independence. Furthermore, this realization leaves me questions like why aren't women completely equal as of today regarding wages and job opportunities. In conclusion, I believe that women have fought long enough and should not endure any forms of discrimination.” – Kris Sarikas, Cal State SB

“I am a student at Cal State San Bernardino and attended the performance there yesterday afternoon. I will admit that going in, I thought I would be bored but instead I was entertained, inspired and informed.
I think this play is worth being seen by men and women alike as it is a reminder of our humanity and our continued struggle for basic human rights”.
– Ja’net Moses, Cal State SB

“I thought it was really good. I learned many things that I didn’t know before. I definitely would recommend this play for other people to see.” – Carly, Cal State Fullerton

“Great performance. It was entertaining and educational.” – Alejandra Garcia, Cal State Fullerton

“Thank you all actresses for providing us with all the information and for your time. I will value this performance. Thank you again” Marita Moran, Cal State Fullerton

“Great show. I learned a ton of things. The song, singing, and energy of the performers were great.” – Javey Tri,  Cal State Fullerton

“I loved the show! It was interesting how Melanie was talking to the women, rather than it being one big flashback. I hope the show gets bigger and bigger because the world needs it now more than ever.”  Sarah French (age 14)

“Fantastic! Thank you!”Byrna (age 13)

I LOVED it. I’m 11 and it got me interested in women’s rights.” – Riley (age 11)


Thank you, Thea, for everything you did to create such an amazing play!! You are so gifted!! And, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your amazing journey. It is an honour to know and love you!! – Michele Amburgey (Mary Young Pickersgill)

I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful play and experience!!!! ” – Jane Hammond (Hillary Clinton)

“Thank you for such a Wonderful Play to be in!!!!!!! It was really great!!!!!”  – Suzanne Boston (Susan B. Anthony)

“THANKS for all your time and hard work!!!!!!!!! Everyone was wonderful and I had such a great day being in the company of such beauty!!” – Molly Greig (Mary Young Pickersgill)

“It captures so much in so little time. ” – Marty Green (Betty Friedan)

“The play demonstrates how you can make a difference when your passion is for something and you go for it.” – Anne Perrah (Ann Hutchinson)

"We Did It For You" is a wonderful musical that is informative, poignant, thought provoking and just plain fun! Every character played an integral part in the development of "Today's Woman"; many of the facts will surprise even the most knowledgeable person. – Ginni Gordon (Mary Kay)

“I am looking forward to doing it again, and again. My friends and family loved it also. Learning with laughter.” – Marty Green (Sarah Grimke)

It was a pleasure to be a part of this show!” Deanne Springer (Anne Hutchinson)

“After performing in We Did It For You!, I found that I had more energy and courage to speak up for correct actions. The Sunday after our performance, while viewing the sequel to Al Gore's movie about  Climate Justice, I found the courage to stand up after the movie and  tell the audience that we have a local organization that they could consider if they were inspired to take any actions.  At our meeting, I invited others to do the same, and went back another night to pass out JCAN cards. Both times, I found people that were interested. I felt that if the women who we presented in the play were able to rally for their cause, that so could I.  Thank you Thea for opening up my possibilities.” – Nyanna Tobin (Mary Young Pickersgill)